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Northeast Boise Real Estate

I’ve been getting a lot of search queries lately for Northeast Boise Real Estate. And why not? Its a great area. Simultaneously one of Boise’s oldest neighborhoods and newest all live within Northeast Boise! And, as it turns out, it even has its own little MLS area known as area 0200! You can even view all Northeast Boise Real Estate currently listed right now!

Northeast Boise is a great area. Its easy to understand why people are interested in it. But the truth is, its really broken up into 4 distinct areas. I thought we could take a look at them all here.

Table Rock in Boise, ID

Warm Springs Ave

The first, and oldest, neighborhood you’ll find in Northeast Boise is the Warm Springs Ave neighborhood! The homes along much of Warm Springs Ave are even in one of Boise’s Historic Districts! It gets its name from the, er… warm spring that is being piped underneath the street.

The fun thing about this neighborhood is you have homes from the low end, to the high end, to everything in between!

Foothills East / Northeast Boise Bench

I hate the term “bench” because a good half of all Boise homes lie on some sort of bench! Haha! But that’s what some call the area just north of the Warm Springs Ave area, but most call it Foothills East! Its a fantastic area where you can find an actual vineyard, Terra Nativa (although I don’t think they have regular hours), and you can find your way to the top of Table Rock if you don’t want to hike it!

Warm Springs Mesa

The Mesa is on the east side of Table Rock where the Northeast Boise Bench is on the west side. Its a small, but fun little neighborhood that has great views of the valley!

View all Warm Springs Mesa homes for sale!

Harris Ranch

Harris Ranch is pretty much everything east of the Mesa area. And as the name might imply, it all used to be apart of Dallas Harris’s Ranch back in the day. Obviously no longer. And this is where the vast majority of new construction in Northeast Boise can be found. They really are some great homes in the area, but my favorite part of the area (other than the fishing along the river) is the Idaho Shakespeare Festival is out there. Awesome.

View all Harris Ranch homes for sale!

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