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Furniture Groupings

Top 10 Staging Tips for Sellers!

So far we've talked about passing on most of those remodeling ideas because they won't return enough value to you as you sell. And we've talk about the importance of…

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Making home repairs

Top 5 Repairs Every Seller Should Make Before Listing!

It rarely makes sense to do costly upgrades before listing your home, BUT there are definitely important repairs you should be making before listing. Here's my Top 5 Repairs to…

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Mothers, Home Buying, and Agency

My guess is, most of us have parents that love us. Which is a great thing. But I also bet most of us have parents that don't really "get" what…

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Kids running down the street

How to Investigate Your Kid’s New School

Kids are hard enough. Lets face it. These little prodigy's pretty much run rough shod all over our lives until they leave us broke and exhausted as they go on…

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