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Boise Real Estate under $70,000

Boise Real Estate Investments

I usually do a regular Investor Special focusing on just one home. But recently I’ve been getting a lot of requests for homes in [fill in the area here] that are under $70,000. So, being the guy I am, I thought this week I’d highlight Boise Homes under $70,000.

The Boise Bench

My favorite place in Boise to look for investment properties has to be the Bench, so lets start there.

Boise Real Estate under $70,000 on the Bench

There are a TON of great investment opportunities here. But the property that still sticks out to me is the one I highlighted two weeks ago(-ish), 2693 S Lemhi St. Honestly people, you can’t build a house (even a crap shack) for $37 / Sq Ft!

The North End and East Boise

As you might expect, there are fewer options when you start looking in Southeast Boise, Northeast Boise and the North End. However there are still a few deals to be had!

Boise Real Estate under $70,000 in Southeast Boise
Boise Real Estate under $70,000 in the North End

South Boise and West Boise

As you might guess, South Boise and West Boise has more homes under $70,000 than East / North Boise! In fact, I’m planning an investor special that highlights one of these homes once I finish the pro-forma.

Boise Real Estate under $70,000 in South Boise
Boise Real Estate under $70,000 in West Boise

Want more?

Obviously Boise isn’t the only place in the Treasure Valley that has great investment deals! Meridian and Nampa both have some great opportunities if you are interested in investing or just getting into real estate on the cheap! Contact me with details of what you are looking for and I’ll provide you with a list!

You can also find Boise Short Sale listings on my fabulous site!

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