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Boise Real Estate over $350,000

Boise Homes that are Move-In ReadyA few weeks ago I did an “Investors Special” where I highlighted all the Boise Real Estate under $70,000. Its been a very popular post, but I did get some feedback that I should also highlight those “Move-In Ready Homes” here in Boise. I couldn’t agree more. So, for this Move-In Ready post I thought we’d look at that Boise Real Estate that’s over $350,000.

The Boise Bench

I love the Bench because not only did it feature most of the homes a few weeks ago (read: investment ready) it will also feature some of Boise’s finest homes in this post! (Seriously, how can you not love that?)

Boise Real Estate over $350,000 on the Bench

Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise has no shortage of great, move in ready homes; from those that sit in great neighborhoods near the river to those that have wonderful views overlooking Southeast Boise!

Boise Real Estate over $350,000 in Southeast Boise

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Northeast Boise

Whether you are looking for a great home on historic Warm Springs Ave or up on the Mesa that has incredible views of Boise, Northeast Boise has its share of fabulous homes.

Boise Real Estate over $350,000 in Northeast Boise

The North End

Boise’s North End is arguably the city’s most desirable neighborhood, and whether you’d like a historic home on Harrison Boulevard or something in the foothills with a view, the North End won’t disappoint!

Boise Real Estate over $350,000 in Boise’s North End

Looking for more?

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