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Understanding Closing

A few months back I posted a couple videos, "Understanding Title Insurance" and "Understanding Escrow", where my friend Lisa explained the role of Title Insurance and Escrow. But what about "closing", what should you expect at the closing table? For that…

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Preparing to be a First-Time Home Buyer

Boise First Time Home BuyerThe Boise Real Estate market is presenting a great opportunity to first-time home buyers. With home values at six year lows and mortgage rates at record lows its no wonder that more and more people are looking to become First-Time Home Buyers. It really is a great time to be buying your first home–and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Realtor and want to sell you one of these great Boise homes that are for sale! 😉

But there is so much more to buying your first home than factoring in a mortgage payment! In fact, the process can often start months before you actually buy your home!

5 Steps to Becoming a First-time Home Buyer!

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