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The Shocking Truth about How Realtors get Paid

Note: I’ll admit this post has the potential to come off REALLY wrong. My intent isn’t to make anyone mad or uncomfortable, but to simply inform you how I get paid.

Realtors get paid on commission.

Realtors don’t get paid a salary and we definitely don’t get benefits.

As a Realtor, I get paid a commission on the successful sale of a property and not a penny before then.

Who Pays the Commission?

Usually the seller pays our commission whether we represent the buyer or seller.

Usually that commission is around 3% of the final sales price. Which is great! (But please remember, we have a brokerage split, in my case, 70/30 with Keller Williams, and we have to pay all the expenses we incur doing business–things like gas, fliers, office rent–and we’re responsible for withholding taxes on that money.)

So What Does it All Mean?

It means we get paid less when we show you 60 homes over a 6 week period of time because you aren’t sure what you are looking for yet.

It means we might not get paid at all when you want to list your home at the top of the market instead of at the bottom of the market.

It means our feelings will genuinely be hurt when we spend two weeks of our time showing you homes and you go view another home by another Realtor and buy that home using that Realtor.

It means we hope you treat us like you want us to treat you.

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  1. Seth, I couldn’t agree with you more on your feelings above. I’m a KW agent in DE and I’ve been through what you just described many times and it stinks.

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