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When you should ask to be Referred Out



I just got off the phone with a buyer who found a property here on Great lady.

But I ended up referring her to another agent.

Not that referring someone to another agent is uncommon. People do it all the time. But usually to an agent in another state or at least in another market.

But Rendy was looking at a property she found on this site, in this market.

So why did I refer her out?

Legally I can sell real estate anywhere in the state of Idaho. So it wasn’t a legal thing. But it was an ethical thing.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to serve her well. The property was in a rural, mountainous area that I don’t routinely visit; let alone service. I couldn’t honestly say that I could serve them better than anyone else. So I reffered her out to an agent who lives and works in the area.

Should you be asking to get referred out?

Statistically, buyers work with the first agent they meet. That’s great for me. But that can be bad for you if I don’t know the area you want to buy in.

Buyers should feel comfortable asking an agent if they are familiar with the area. And if they say they aren’t or you aren’t liking all the humming and hawing, ask them to refer you to an agent that does. They should be happy to do it. And if they aren’t… run. And go find another agent.

For the record, I am quite familiar with Boise Real Estate. And I’d be happy to help you buy or sell your home here in Boise. 😉

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