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Top 10 Staging Tips for Sellers!

So far we’ve talked about passing on most of those remodeling ideas because they won’t return enough value to you as you sell. And we’ve talk about the importance of making repairs to your home before selling. But what about home staging?

No doubt you’ve heard about home staging. You’ve probably even walked into a home that’s been staged before and commented how much it adds to the “viewing experience”. But did you know that you’ll likely sell for more money if your home is staged versus not? AND you’ll sell considerably faster versus your non-staged competition!

But home staging services can be more money than some seller’s want to spend. Hey, I understand that. So here are my Top 10 Tips for Staging your home.
1) Focus on the Big 3. If you only have time to stage 3 rooms in your house, what 3 should they be? Well, I happen to know! The Living room, The Master Bedroom, and The Kitchen / Eating area! These are the 3 rooms that make or break most buyer’s choice in a home.

2) Go the Extra Mile with 3 bonus Areas. But lets be real, if you have time to stage the Big Three, you should have time to stage the next 3 most important areas. The Patio or Deck, The Bathroom and the Office area.

3) Clean, but Lived-in. One thing I emphasize to seller’s when talking about making repairs is to clean and declutter. This is an absolute MUST. But, you want to strike a balance and make your home seem lived-in as well. This can be as simple as putting fresh cut flowers in a vase.

4) Set the Table. Really, this is going along with number 3, but setting the table really does have a primal effect on people. Its about family, gathering, good times and, of course, food. These are all things that scream HOME.

5) Highlight your closets. Again, this is an extension of number 3. I advocate people removing half (or more) of their belongings in the closet. But then show that spacious, but used closet off! Leave the door open. Make it easy for buyers to peek in there!

6) Make over that Awkward Space. In number 2 I mentioned the home office. Not every home has a home office, but almost every home has that one awkward space that isn’t used very well if we are being honest. So give it a make over and show a potential buyer how it SHOULD be used! You’ll literally be adding value to your home by doing this.

7) Storage is Sexy. No two home buyers have the same wants. But I’d be willing to bet every buyer I’ve ever shown a home to has talked about wanting great storage. Show off your home’s storage ability! Don’t have much storage? Then show them you can use what storage you have really, really well.

Furniture Groupings8) Understand the 2 Big Staging Tricks. Professional stagers use 2 developed skills to stage a home well. The first is Furniture Groupings. Pull that couch and those chairs away from the walls and group them together in the Living room into a “conversation group”. And make traffic flow easy and obvious. The second is Lighting! Great lighting plays a HUGE role in how people feel about a space. Rooms should have 3 lighting sources. And when they are all on the room should glow!!

9) Wall Hangings. Yes, you SHOULD take down most if not all of your family photos. You’re selling your home. In fact, it shouldn’t be thought of as your home anymore. Your home is somewhere else! But, what you might not think about is replacing some of those pictures with art work. Not much, but just enough to highlight a room or wall. Make it tun and interesting.

10) Go Neutral, but not White. Since you are taking down a lot of pictures and since you are already repairing those hole patches its time for a fresh coat of paint. And if that wall is red burgundy it might be a good idea to go neutral. But don’t paint it white. And you might not even want to paint it beige. There’s a full spectrum of warm tans and even soft blues, greens and yellows you can choose from. Some of the best colors can be found at what new home builders and painting their spec homes with!

Want even MORE staging tips? has a whole page devoted to the subject! Check it out!!

Okay, that’s it! Those are my Top 10 Tips for Staging Your Home Yourself!! Want to have me give you a free walk through of your home? Just contact me to setup a time for me to come over!!

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