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Making Home Repairs

Top 5 Repairs Every Seller Should Make Before Listing!

It rarely makes sense to do costly upgrades before listing your home, BUT there are definitely important repairs you should be making before listing. Here’s my Top 5 Repairs to consider before listing your home!

Making home repairs1) Curb Appeal. Wait, how do you fix curb appeal? I’ll admit this is the broadest category, but its one of the most important. I’ve had buyers make a decision about a home, before even stepping into the home based on its curb appeal!!

So, how do you “repair” your curb appeal? a) Mow the lawn, and pull the weeds. b) repair any visible gutter and roof damage. c) repaint and exterior surfaces that need it.

2) Smells. I know, again, with the broad category. But your home’s smell is the very first impression it gives when a buyer walks in the door. Do you have Pets? Is there a smoker in the home? These are the two biggest culprits in dealing with smells. Be proactive in ridding your house of odors (that you probably can’t even smell anymore).

3) Replace Damaged Flooring. If your carpet gets professionally cleaned and its still looks dirty it need to be replaced. Buyers immediately de-value your home because they see added cost for them. Same goes with hardwood, tile or vinyl. If it needs repaired or replaced. DO IT!!

4) Paint. Repair and paint any damaged or dirty walls. This goes for trim and casings as well. You don’t need to repaint for the sake of painting, but get a friends honest opinion on whether something needs repainting (and then ask for their help).

5) Clean.  As a general rule, you should have half your “stuff” boxed up and in the garage. Then give your place a deep clean. If you don’t have time, hire someone. Need a reference? Ask because I know some great cleaners. Nothing will turn off a buyer faster than a dirty, cluttered house.

Of course, not all of us are DIYers (Do-It-Yourselfers)! I’d be happy to suggest handymen past clients have used and are happy with! Just contact me and let me know what you are looking for!

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