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The Treasure Valley’s most Expensive Homes

Who doesn’t like looking at expensive homes? I’m sure some people don’t; but I certainly don’t know them. Its fun. And when you are a real estate agent you also get the added joy of thinking about what you would do with your commission check. 😉

What Makes a Home Expensive Anyway?

In some ways nothing. In other ways everything. Of course you are going to get all the high end finishes you can shake a stick at. And no doubt you’ll also get high quality craftsmanship in the construction. But you can get that in any home really, if you want it.

What really makes homes a lot more expensive is their location and exclusivity. You’ll find that in the three homes I’ll highlight. Let me know in the comments if you have a favoriate in Boise.

Boise’s Most is Expensive Home… is a Condo?

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”98452294″]

Interestingly, Boise’s most expensive home is actually a condo! And unless you’ve been a sleep the last few years you know exactly where its located! The thing I find most interesting about this listing is how crappy the pictures are. Wow. But, its not my listing nor my client so not my problem.

Eagle’s Most Expensive Home

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”98472334″]

Since I mentioned the pictures on the condo I might as well point out how much nicer the ones are for this listing. They are almost over the top though. In my opinion, you’d still like your pictures to look real. At any rate, here’s what Three Million will buy you in Eagle, ID. Not too shabby.

Nampa has Expensive Homes?

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”98396558″]

Although, this home has more in common with the vineyards west of Lake Lowell than Nampa in my opinion I thought I’d include one home from the 2C! Again, I wish these expensive listings would actually have some better photos; but still better than our first listing (and most expensive listing).

That’s it! We’re done. Have a great Monday! And yes, if you want to buy one of these let me know. I know a great Realtor who would love to help you out. Haha!

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