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The North End (dotOrg)

Anyone interested in moving to Boise, ID at some point hears about “The North End“. Most locals consider the North End our most unique and perhaps most desirable neighborhood. And it’s certainly our oldest resedential neighborhood.

The North End is known for Hyde Park on 13th Street which has a number of great places to eat (my personal favorite being Parrilla Grill) and other locally owned specialty shops (such as Hyde Park Books), as well as Camel’s Back Park (where you can climb the back of the camel to see all of Downtown Boise) and Harrison Boulevard (which is Candy & Chaos Blvd on Halloween FYI).

Truthfully, many who move to Boise look no where else for their home than the North End.

Where Do I Find Out EVERYTHING about the North End?

I know “north ender” Dave Green through social media and his charitable work here in Boise. He is a resident of the North End and runs a fantastic site (not surprisingly named) The North End. It is a terrific resource for anything North End related from its history, to local businesses, to upcoming events!

I find myself going to Dave’s site regularly, its that good.

If you are at all interested in moving to the North End, but maybe want to learn more about the neighborhood Dave is your guy. You might even be able to get him to give you a tour! (No, seriously, I think he’ll do that for you!)

But that’s not all folks!

Part of the reason I wanted to write this post was because I know Dave was recently very generous with his money in buying a girl in need some fantastic art supplies she couldn’t afford herself through Care 2 Share Boise. Dave didn’t even know her. Yep, he’s one of the good guys folks.

So I wouldn’t feel right with out mentioning that Dave pays the bills (which helps support his fantastic site) through his web design company Ready Web Go.  Truthfully, he does more than web design there, but I hope you’ll go there and find out for yourself!!

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