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Front Of The Coolest House In Boise

The Coolest House in Boise

Front of the coolest house in BoiseWell, its the coolest if you think Green building is pretty cool, and I know I do.

What is “green building”? Well, honestly, ask 5 people and you’ll get 5 different answers. However, the US Green Building Council has spearheaded what they think this term should mean into a rating system known as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

There are actually 4 different levels someone can achieve with LEED. Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The coolest house in Boise? Yea, its got a LEED Platinum certification.

Get to the House already!

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So Why Does this Even Matter?

Since the 1950s the average home size has increased. And as our homes have gotten bigger the amount of energy we use to build, maintain and live in these homes also has increased. A lot!

25% of all energy consumed in the US is by residential homes! That’s a lot. But we want to live in comfortable homes. So the Green Building movement focuses on 2 primary things 1) Energy conservation (think, a lot of insulation) and 2) Energy Efficiency.

What should you be doing?

Now, I’m actually not a huge cheerleader of LEED. But it is the most popular of all the Green Building standards so I’m excited its gotten traction. That’s good.

But if you want to start “greening” your home what should you be doing?

First, consider better insulating your home. Idaho Power even has incentive programs you should look into.

Second, when it comes time to upgrade your HVAC system (50% of all power consumed by your home nationally) consider spending a little more to get the most efficient system you can. There are often incentive programs for that as well.

Add hot water heating to that and you have a full 65% of all energy consumed by your home factored in.

Best of all, you’re bills will go down!

And you thought you didn’t like all this Green talk.

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