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Kids Running Down The Street

How to Investigate Your Kid’s New School

Kids running home from schoolKids are hard enough. Lets face it. These little prodigy’s pretty much run rough shod all over our lives until they leave us broke and exhausted as they go on to live their lives. Okay, well, maybe it isn’t quite like that. But kids can be tough. So can finding out info about their school.

Especially if you are new to the area. Well never fear, I’ve got you covered here to find all the info you need! Well, probably not, but its a start.

Finding out where your kid is suppose to be going is probably the first challenge most of us face!

What school does my kid go to anyway?

Boise School District – And you can find the Boise District Boundary Maps here: (the site is not mobile friendly, you’ll need to be on your desktop computer).

 Meridian School District – Eagle falls into the Meridian District. The Meridian District Boundary Map is located here: (They are just PDF files, so they will work great on your mobile device – but won’t be as easy to use as Boise’s maps.)

Nampa School District – The Nampa District Boundary Map is located here: (Again, not mobile friendly, but you can just type in your address.)

Is my kid’s school any good?

Good question. I have no idea honestly (unless they go to the same place as my kid, then I can tell you for sure its great!!). And that’s the best way to get the inside scoop on, well… anything; talk to the people who are already in the trenches!

But there are also websites that “grade” schools (clever, huh?). The most notable of all these sites is I find the personal reviews the most helpful, but there are not as many as I’d like yet.

And of course, if you have a school in mind for you kid, I can show you all the homes for sale in that district! Just let me know!

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  1. Kevin Hughes

    Thank you for these great resources for local school information. Good schools are among the most important priorities for many families and its good to know where to get this background data.

    1. Seth Neal

      Thanks for stopping by Kevin! And yes, I agree!!

  2. Shanna Tucker

    This is such a tough thing for parents!

    I recently discovered that most high schools provide something called a “school profile” that shows their test scores and academic accomplishments so that colleges can evaluate students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

    This helped me tremendously because I was trying to decide between the public school path and the private school path!

    Some schools post these online and some you have to request. Here’s the result I found for one of our local private high schools just by googling “Bishop Kelly School Profile”: In contrast, I could not find the Boise High School profile online… I’ll probably have to call to get that one.

    My little guy is 8 and I’ve been trying to figure this out since preschool… just barely learned about this little trick. Hope it helps someone else.

    1. Seth Neal

      Great tip Shanna!!

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