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Boise Weather in February

I love the Twitters. I make time everyday to engage with people on Twitter. And yes, this blog post was berthed out of The Twitters.

So, what’s all this have to do with Boise Weather? Well, honestly, probably nothing… but hang in there and lets see if we can bring this thing full circle! If you live in Boise, ID (and most of you do) and had the opportunity to get outside today (as your favorite Boise Real Estate Guy did) you know today was all kinds of beautiful today! Well I happened to make some ridiculous statement on Twitter about how certain tweeps (namely @REALTOR_Vickie, @MariaHagan and @JanieC) beer choices were perhaps inappropriate given it was winter (Corona? Its winter people!). And I suggested my beer choice of an Alaskan Baltic Porter was a much more sensible choice given the weather (again, its winter people!).

Of course Janie just happened to be watching the Weather Channel (or something) and noticed that it was 58 degrees here today! Much embarrassment ensued as you can probably imagine. Anyway, in some feeble attempt at not looking totally ridiculous (which, for the record, I looked totally looked ridiculous) I hoped on to and found out that the record high in Boise is 71 degrees and the record low is -15 degrees!

Yep, that’s it.

Now if all this warm weather and talk of beer has made you thirsty, head on over to Brewforia and let me buy you a beer. I know I need another.

Seth Neal

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  1. Vickie L Wyman

    I am honored to be mentioned in your post. I have never tried Alaskan Baltic Porter but am thinking if I were there I would definitely head on over to the Brewforia and join you! For tonight I will settle for my Bud Light and 30 degrees! Cheers!

    1. Seth Neal

      Of course! And yea, Brewforia is a great place to be after a long day!

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