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Boise Rental Statistics, first quarter of 2011

I promised during yesterday’s Investor Special that I would post the latest Boise Rental Market Statistics today. It was just a week or two ago that I ran into Mark Barnard and he shared with me Southwest Idaho Chapter of The National Association of Residential Property Managers’ 2010 Boise rental statistics results which I shared with you here. And Mark was gracious enough to put me on the list to share the 2011’s first quarter results.

You can view the full report here. Right click to download, or if on a iPhone / iPad just touch and hold and open in a new window to save.

The short and sweet of it is vacancy rates remain very low, especially for single family homes; and rental rates are still strong, mostly because of the vacancy rates–we’re even seeing slight increases. That’s why now is a great time to be in the landlord business if you ask me.

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