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Boise Real Estate Search by Lot Size


So I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately, “how do I do a Boise real estate search by lot size on your site?”. So I thought this afternoon I’d walk us through the process! The first thing you need to do is go to my search page and select the MLS Map Search page. Once you are on the Map Search page, find the area of town (or area out of town) you are interested in finding a home. You’ll need to be patient with the map as every time you move it or add a criteria it will refresh. Its a big program that can take some time to load up! Once you are in the area you want to be searching add the criteria you have. Price is a given; but maybe also select how many bed and bath you want and the size of the home you want. The very next criteria you’ll notice is Lot Size! Hooray! Select the minimum or maximum lot size you want (or both) and go from there!

That’s it! That’s all it takes to search for Lot Size on Boise Real Estate Guy (dot)Com! Amazing, I know! Now go find that perfect property you want to go look at!

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