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Boise Housing Market March 2011

Existing Boise, ID Homes for sale continue to decrease while closed sales and pending sales continue to increase, as we enter the spring and summer buying season! Amazing. If you have been thinking of selling your home, now really might be a great time! I’m not just saying that! Request a free (and no obligation) home valuation from yours truly if you’d like to know where you stand in today’s market.

OK, sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I just can’t believe it. Now on to the show (er… or post).

Right now in Boise (well, last month technically) the market inventory was at 2,120.  Compare that to 12 months ago (March 2010) when we saw 3,149 homes on the market! Yep, that means there’s 1,000 fewer homes for sale today than there was last year!

And that’s only half the story, pending sales last month was at 767 and closed sales were at 529 units. 12 months ago? The numbers were almost identical at 784 pending sales and 520 closed sales.

Does this mean we’ll see prices start going back up? Well, we already are seeing upward pressure in Boise’s North End and East side; but with the number of bank owned properties in Boise and other distressed properties on the market, we probably won’t be seeing home prices going up. However, if things continue as they are they may not go down either! And in this market a little good news is better than all the bad news we’ve been getting the past 3 years!

Have a look at how the Boise Housing Market did last month yourself. You can download that link by right-clicking on it. Or if you’re on a fancy-dancy iPad you can press and hold and then save in a new window (I think… since my wife won’t let me buy a new iPad 2 I can’t say for sure… I’m not bitter).

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