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3 Homes Bill Gates MIGHT Consider if Moving to Boise

OK, so chances are Bill Gates isn’t moving to Boise anytime soon. And truthfully, if he was, I doubt he’d buy resale. BUT, this is my blog and I can write whatever crazy fantasy I want to write! Right?

First up: Valley Views

So, the first home Bill Gates might consider is: [idx-listing mlsnumber=”98486853″]

It is 1/10th the size of his current home. But, its has pretty great valley views.

Second Up: City Views

Second on the list is: [idx-listing mlsnumber=”98442153″]

I’ve always been partial to this place being on the Bench and all. But it has great city views and easy access to Downtown!

Third Up: The Country Estate

Finally on the list is: [idx-listing mlsnumber=”98484418″]

Mostly I put this on the list because it looks like a home a Bill Gates should be living in! Plus, its in Eagle.

So there you have it! What home do you think Bill Gates would buy?

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